Residential Asbestos Removal

We Manage Residential Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a mineral fibre that strengthened various products in the past while providing heat insulation and fire resistance. However, there have been cases where its fibres affected people’s health when inhaled, leading to several respiratory illnesses. Sometimes symptoms of a disease stemming from asbestos exposure manifest themselves decades later, highlighting the critical need for residential asbestos removal. A reputable removal contractor like Asbestos Sutherland can manage the situation for you and safely complete home asbestos removal.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before House Asbestos Removal

Today, fewer products contain asbestos, but houses a few decades old may still contain the hazardous material. Over time, the asbestos may display signs of wear by crumbling, which threatens your health. For this reason, you should ask yourself some of these questions to determine if you require urgent professional assistance.

  • Does this material contain asbestos? Asbestos has been illegal in Australia since 2003, so modern-day products won’t feature this material. If your house comprises chimneys, floor coverings, and roofs from before the 2000s, you likely have asbestos. You can identify it by its fibrous, needle-like structure, and it’s often grey or white. If you want to test what you’ve found, you can request a professional inspect your house.
  • Should you remove the asbestos? After establishing the presence of asbestos on the property, you must decide if you can remove it or not. Since the roof undergoes immense exposure to various elements, its wear and tear accelerate, which means asbestos fibres will be in the air around your home. In this case, it’s best to have a contractor remove the material. However, you may identify products that are still solid such as a windowsill or pipe without damage; it’s advisable not to disturb the material.
  • How should you remove the asbestos? If you don’t possess the necessary skills, experience, or licenses, the simple answer is that you shouldn’t attempt this type of task. It’s safer to comply with requirements if you have a competent asbestos removal company handle the project for you. Consequently, you and the occupants of the property are safe.

Tips for Hiring a Company Regarding Asbestos Removal in a House

Once you’ve discovered the need for a professional service, you shouldn’t risk exposing yourself and your family to asbestos fibres. Find the ideal contractor by following these tips.

  • Considering the hazardous nature of asbestos, it’s best to trust a company with the appropriate licenses and permits. It indicates that the contractor knows what they’re doing, which protects your interests.
  • Ensure that you understand the removal method of the company before you hire them. Usually, it will involve an initial inspection along with using the latest technology for safe removal. The contractor must offer safe disposal of asbestos to avoid its fibres affecting others.
  • Do some research on the reputation of the asbestos removal company to ascertain if they’re reliable. Explore other customer reviews, read testimonials, and view their ratings to decide if they’re suitable for your asbestos removal.

About Asbestos Sutherland

With over ten years of experience in the industry, we’ve already developed a reputation as the leader for asbestos removal around the Sutherland Shire. We employ the latest techniques with suitable equipment to safely remove and dispose of your asbestos materials.

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