Asbestos Removal

our Quick Guide to Understanding Asbestos Removal

When you suspect you may need asbestos removal, it’s not unusual to feel nervous about the prospect. There are many concerns surrounding this once-common building material. The science on its effects on the human body is clear: no amount of exposure to free asbestos materials is safe for our health. Unfortunately, that fact wasn’t well known for decades — and its desirable properties in many applications mean that it is still shockingly common in structures throughout Australia. When you positively identify or suspect that asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are on your property, a licensed and qualified team must be your first call.

At Asbestos Sutherland, we understand how stressful this process can be for homeowners. It’s not something any commercial trade provider wants to discover, either. To support residential and trade-based clients, we’ve devoted ourselves to obtaining the necessary equipment, education, and certification to provide this critical service for the Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas. Take a moment to learn about asbestos, why it is so common, and the key facts to know about asbestos abatement before considering how we can help.

The History Behind the Need to Remove Asbestos

Why is there such a need for services such as asbestos encapsulation and outright removal? Especially for younger homeowners living in older properties for the first time, the frequency of ACM appearing in construction may seem shocking. Understanding the history behind the use of asbestos makes it easier to see why it’s such a concern.

  • As a building material, asbestos has many important attributes. It resists heat and can be used as a component in fireproofing, while it also has properties that aid in strengthening other materials when added. As a result, it was once a very popular material, especially in the post-war era. The asbestos boom in Australia lasted from the 1940s until the 1980s.
  • In the latter half of the 20th century, scientific research revealed that asbestos could cause severe disease in humans, even if only exposed to small amounts. Its popularity waned rapidly at that point.
  • Australia entirely banned the use of asbestos in 2003. However, that leaves behind decades of homes built sometimes from the ground up with this material.

Not All Types of Asbestos Are the Same

There are many different kinds of asbestos based on their composition and origin. In some cases, the presence of ACM is a concern but not an active risk owing to the type of asbestos present. Still, when it comes to building materials, there are only two terms you need to understand: “friable” and “non-friable.” What’s the difference, and why does it matter?

  • Some materials contain asbestos as an ingredient, but it isn’t easy to expose to the atmosphere. The law refers to this type of asbestos as “non-friable,” meaning it doesn’t easily release harmful fibres into the air. In some cases, we can leave non-friable asbestos in place, but in others, precautionary mitigation such as removal or encapsulation is best.
  • “Friable” asbestos is any ACM that breaks or pulverises easily, especially under normal pressure from a human hand. This is the most dangerous asbestos on-site because it can actively release its carcinogenic fibres into places where humans live or work.

Signs You May Need an Asbestos Removal Service

So, what next? How do you determine when you should contact a team such as ours for professional asbestos collection? There are several signs to watch for, especially if you’re beginning trade work or planning to renovate. Consider contacting us when you identify scenarios such as the following:

  • Your home or other structure of concern was built between 1946 and 1989, the period of the heaviest use of asbestos in construction prior to banning.
  • You are already aware of the presence of ACM on your property, and age and damage have given you cause for concern about its long-term health implications.
  • You operate a trade service, and you have encountered or identified asbestos on a client’s property. Before proceeding with the work, you should turn over this part of the job to a licensed third party. Never attempt to remove asbestos on your own — it’s illegal.

The Importance of the Prompt Removal of Asbestos Once Identified

When you recognise that ACM exists on your property or that it likely exists, barring the confirmation of laboratory tests, you should consider contacting a team such as ours without delay. There are three reasons why you should never delay the removal of asbestos.

  • First, a friable asbestos material can continue to release fibres into the area for very long periods. In enclosed spaces, this can lead to unacceptably high concentrations.
  • Second, there is no safe amount of asbestos exposure. Even small amounts of exposure can lead to fibres entering the lungs and becoming stuck in the tissues, which can cause irritation, scarring, and other health concerns.
  • Finally, long-term asbestos exposure is a proven cause of serious diseases such as mesothelioma and others.

The Benefits of Asbestos Help From Our Team

When you connect with a proven team of professionals, you’ll experience a difference in the level of service you receive that makes the effort worthwhile. Opting for Asbestos Sutherland opens the door for you to enjoy a few key advantages to our service, such as:

  • “No cost” quotes. We’ll visit your site, examine the areas of concern in question, and provide you with our professional assessment on the cost and timeframe for removal or mitigation — at no cost to you. We believe you should be able to make informed decisions without paying upfront.
  • Highly experienced service providers backed up with EPA certification. We are also licensed NSW asbestos contractors, so you can trust that we’ve done all the necessary due diligence to be ready for anything.
  • A serious commitment to attention to detail and good service. As a family-owned business, we prioritise excellent customer experiences.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Asbestos Waste Removal?

Let’s walk through a quick preview of the way our service works in practice when you need help with something such as the removal of asbestos sheeting. With a proven approach to the safe and effective removal of ACM, we guarantee your satisfaction with the outcome. Here’s how it works.

  • Contact us first to arrange for a site inspection so we can provide you with our no-cost quote. We’ll be out to your location as soon as possible to gather the facts and help you determine your next steps. We arrange visits within 24 hours.
  • When you commit to moving forward, we don’t delay in scheduling service so you can be sure the ACM is no longer a threat to you or your family. We use the latest technology and equipment, plus the best safety gear, to keep everyone safe throughout the process.
  • We carefully encapsulate and remove the ACM on-site, following through with licensed disposal procedures, all while providing cost-competitive solutions.

The Types of Asbestos Remediation Services We Provide

At Asbestos Sutherland, we’re well equipped to handle a wide range of remediation services based on the specific needs of our clients. A few of the most fundamental efforts we undertake for our clients include:

  • Mitigation of the most common structures with asbestos includes eaves, external wall cladding, awnings, fencing, and even roofing tiles.
  • Vinyl floor tile removal. Many old vinyl tiles may contain asbestos. If you plan to renovate your home with new flooring, be sure to contact our team for an assessment regarding the potential presence of asbestos.
  • Commercial asbestos concerns, such as in warehouse roofing, black jack adhesive applications, and the presence of ACM in larger warehouse buildings.

What You Stand to Gain by Making Our Team Your Asbestos Removal Company

Mitigating the risks posed by asbestos is a serious business, and we don’t overlook the importance of our responsibilities. When you choose to work with Asbestos Sutherland to address your concerns, you can count on the most comprehensive and transparent quotation process, backed up by quick and safe work carried out by professionals dedicated to your health and well-being. When you have reason to believe you an asbestos pick up, don’t hesitate to rely on our knowledge and experience.

To request one of our comprehensive quotes at no obligation to you or to arrange for asbestos removal and demolition today, please contact our team at your convenience.