Vinyl Asbestos Tile

How to Safely Remove and Dispose of Vinyl Asbestos Tiles

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used since antiquity for its various and wondrous properties, including exceptional heat resistance and retention, electrical insulation and the constructive benefit of its fibrous structure. One such application was vinyl asbestos tiles, characterised by better wear resistance and fire retardation, especially in schools.

The dangers of asbestos were soon recognised but were thought to be restricted to the manufacturing processes. People assumed that the asbestos used in construction material was essentially inert and posed a negligible health risk. Studies have found this untrue and highlighted the danger of exposure when removing asbestos materials during renovations and demolitions.

Why You Should Always Use a Professional for Asbestos Removal

There is only one safe method of removing asbestos products from homes and public buildings, and that is knowing precisely what you are doing during every stage of the task. This knowledge enables you to mitigate and prevent contamination with dangerous asbestos dust, which causes both asbestosis and cancer.

It is illegal for builders, renovators, homeowners and tradespersons in Australia to remove or dispose of asbestos or material containing asbestos without the required certification as an accredited asbestos remover or doing the work under the supervision of such a qualified expert.

  • The Sutherland Shire experienced a lot of building activity during the 1950s and this, unfortunately, resulted in the extensive use of asbestos material in the construction industry. As a result, it is now a legal requirement that renovations and demolitions must be declared safe by a certified and registered EPA asbestos assessor. We then issue an Asbestos Clearance Certificate; if we are satisfied, everything was removed.
  • We do an initial assessment and then devise safe workplace procedures for the proper removal and legal disposal of vinyl floor asbestos from buildings. We provide a site-specific safety work method statement (SWMS) and asbestos removal control plan (ARCP) filed with the relevant authorities. It is your assurance that we take all possible precautions to prevent severe after-effects.
  • Where possible, we prefer to do the work of removing vinyl asbestos tiles ourselves, as this ensures that all the correct procedures are followed for maximum safety. We do removals under the supervision of our registered and licensed asbestos removal consultant. We then dispose of the asbestos at approved landfills where it can no longer cause harm to people and pets.

Asbestos Sutherland is registered and accredited with SafeWork NSW as an asbestos remover and a qualified assessor. We do site assessments within 24 hours, and our work quotes are entirely hassle-free and inclusive of all costs. We are thus able to provide a complete service package to secure the general goal of creating an asbestos-free Australia in the near future.

Contact us to help you be compliant with regulations and safely remove and dispose of vinyl floor asbestos from your latest project.