Navigating Industrial Asbestos Removal Processes

We have been operating as a family-owned business since our company’s inception and know the importance of the health and safety of your family, friends and staff. At Asbestos Pick up and Deposal Sutherland Shire, we have made it our duty to protect our clients by helping them with their industrial asbestos removal issues. Made from several natural minerals that are resistant to heat and electricity, among other things, you would think asbestos is not too dangerous—think again.

Our company not only deals with residential removals but extend our services to assist business owners with industrial asbestos removal. By employing years of experience and training, our staff are capable of dealing with just about any project you throw at them. We form part of a select few certified companies to deploy our services to large-scale operations.

The Reason Why We Remove Industrial Asbestos

We know the dangers that insulation materials pose to the human body and always advocate to have these materials taken care of properly. Our processes include removing the insulation materials while using protective gear and breathing apparatuses, transporting the materials, and finally, effectively disposing of the materials. We do our job to help our clients with:

  • Demolitions. When you form part of a larger company and do not know how to deal with asbestos, we advise you not to take any chances. Instead of merely destroying the insulation materials on-site, which might pose a threat to your staff, have us take care of it.
  • Renovations. If you are in the business of renovating properties or just busy upgrading your own, we would like to help you achieve your dream. Removing and disposing of insulation materials is tedious and meticulous and not everyone’s cup of tea. Besides, by law, homeowners cannot remove asbestos.
  • Rentals. If you plan on renting a property out, you should probably make sure that there is no asbestos lurking around. The presence of asbestos could not only implicate the health and wellbeing of your renters but could also drive potential clients away due to concerns.

Our company focuses on correctly doing our job and refuse to cut corners or rush projects. We act as spokesmen on the issues that relate to removing and disposing of dangerous materials according to national regulations and will continue to do so proudly.