Commercial Asbestos Removal

Are you aware that it is illegal for builders, renovators, homeowners, and tradespeople to remove asbestos?

Yes, only licensed companies licenced in asbestos removal may offer such services. Asbestos Sutherland is CPA certified and registered to provide commercial asbestos removal services in the Sydney Shire area. The Sutherland Shire has a history of building with asbestos, especially in the 1950s when most Shire homes were built. Today, many local homes have asbestos in their structures, making asbestos a severe issue in the Shire.

That is why we have dedicated our lives and our family business to the safe eradication of asbestos in the area.

Problems Associated With Commercial Asbestos Removal

As previously mentioned, asbestos is a dangerous substance that requires specialised knowledge and skills when being handled or encountered. Here is a shortlist of some of the more common problems one should be aware of regarding asbestos removal.

  • Asbestos exposure can lead to serious illness if handled incorrectly or precautions aren’t taken. Asbestos was banned in Australia on 31 December 2003, yet it is still found today in many older Australian homes. Asbestos can be found in wall structures, roofs, fences, sheds, ceiling and floor tiles, and electrical switchboards, to name a few examples.
  • There are safety and legal facts around asbestos that residents of the Sydney Shire need to be mindful of. On-site asbestos is an increasing problem for Cronulla owners, occupiers and controllers in NSW. It is an asbestos rule, and regulation that all asbestos waste more than 10m2 is to be handled by a Safe Work NSW Licensed Asbestos contractor.
  • All asbestos cement products such as roof sheeting that has experienced severe exposure to weather, hail damage, and heat is considered a friable asbestos product. Only an asbestos removal service with an EPA license is legally permitted to remove such waste.

For the reasons mentioned above, Asbestos Sutherland is here to relieve the local homeowners of their asbestos problem within the law and to the highest safety compliance standards. Let us deal with the risks associated with your asbestos removal today.