Asbestos Removal Sutherland

Asbestos is made up of fibres that are heat resistant and was commonly used in homes and schools as an insulator in these structures. During the early 2000s it was discovered that asbestos was actually harmful to people, and it was no longer used in newer structures, however, there are still older buildings that contain asbestos. While asbestos materials aren’t always dangerous, they should only be removed by professionals who know how to handle these materials with care to prevent the spread of spores into the air, which can further contaminate furniture or clothing. With asbestos being used mainly in roofing sheets, it can become a hazard as roofs can be damaged and exposed to extreme weather conditions, causing the asbestos spores to spread.

There are many precautions the need to take place in order to remove asbestos materials safely from your home or business premises. Professionals who deal with asbestos removal near Sutherland will isolate the area where the removal will take place using sheeting that acts as an airlock around the area that the materials are being removed from. All other surfaces on the site should be covered with thick polythene sheeting, avoiding any further contamination. The workmen will wear protective clothing and face gear to ensure they don’t breathe in any spores that may be released.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos and Its Removal

Many people aren’t sure what asbestos is, how dangerous it can be to their health, and if they have it in their homes. Here is what you need to know about asbestos and how it’s removed.

  • While you cannot tell if your home or building has asbestos in it just by looking at it, you can assume that if the property was built before the 90s, it’s likely asbestos materials were used while building it. In Australia, it’s estimated that one in three homes contain asbestos materials.
  • If you’re performing home renovations on a house built before the 90s, it’s advisable to call in professionals to test if there are any asbestos materials used on the property, if there are, they can remove these safely, preventing you from inhaling the spores and developing asbestos-related diseases.
  • Professional asbestos removers will dispose of the materials and assist with replacing the materials, such as roof insulation, with non-hazardous materials.

At Asbestos Sutherland, we are fully certified and equipped to remove your hazardous materials without causing any health problems for you.