Asbestos Garage Removal

Safe and Effective Asbestos Garage Removal in Sutherland Shire

We are the people to call for professional asbestos garage removal in Sutherland Shire. If your garage was built before the mid-1980s, it more than likely contains significant amounts of potentially harmful asbestos, and getting rid of it is the only option.

Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance that was commonly used in thousands of building and household products in Australia up to the early 80s. It is estimated that the vast majority of homes built up to 1980 contain asbestos. It was commonly used in everything from roofs, walls, flooring, and sheds, to electrical and plumbing installations, insulation, and much more.

Why You Should Choose to Remove and Replace Your Asbestos Garage Roof

You may be surprised to find out that your home, if built up to the mid-80s, is likely to be contaminated with one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Luckily, ridding your home of asbestos is quite achievable when using a professionally qualified and certified asbestos removal contractor.

  • Ensure the continued good health of your family by removing any asbestos in your home. Asbestos consists of thousands of microscopic particles released into the air through abrasion. When breathed in, it can cause serious diseases like pulmonary fibrosis, asbestosis, and various forms of cancer.
  • Asbestos becomes more dangerous over time since asbestos-containing materials tend to become brittle, and as they deteriorate, they release more asbestos fibrils into the air. Having asbestos-containing materials, such as an asbestos garage ceiling or asbestos sheds removed from your home is therefore essential.
  • If you have a rental property containing asbestos, it poses a health risk to your tenants, and should they suffer any health issues as a result of asbestos, you may be held liable as the landlord. Therefore, removing any trace of asbestos in any property that you own is likely to save you money in the long run.

Why Choose Asbestos Sutherland for Your Asbestos Shed Removal Needs

Asbestos, or asbestos-containing materials, can only legally be removed and disposed of by suitably qualified, licensed, and certified asbestos removal contractors. This fact ensures that asbestos is removed safely and thoroughly without causing further contamination to the home or environment.

  • We are fully licenced to remove asbestos in NSW. Our ETA certification means that we follow strict protocols for the removal and disposal of asbestos, ensuring that the material causes no further risk to you or the environment.
  • We only make use of certified disposal facilities that dispose of asbestos in accordance with all relevant legal requirements. We take our environmental responsibility seriously.
  • Our team consists of highly experienced industry professionals, hand-picked for their dedication to helping eradicate asbestos from homes in Sutherland Shire. We will get the job done quickly, effectively, and within budget.

About Asbestos Sutherland

We have been helping the communities of Sutherland Shire to rid their homes, offices, workshops, and factories of asbestos for years. We are passionate about ensuring that this dangerous substance is completely eradicated from every home.

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